16 August, 2010, 8:24 am
Filed under: Design, Music

This is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of video I have ever seen. Featuring equally beautiful music by Keith Kenniff (of Helios, Goldmund fame). The first time I watched it I was just struck by how beautiful and weird and crazy life is… The second time, you begin to see the connection to each scene and the concept of the video itself. Do yourself a favor and take ten minutes of your life and watch this at least 3 times.

AS far as what I’m working on? I’ve decided to take a full time position with an agency based out of Columbus, Ohio that is involved in a pretty big project here in Atlanta. I’ll still be doing a bit of freelance on the side and hopefully I’ll finally get to some personal projects I’ve been dreaming up. I’m currently working on artwork for my good friend Tyler, who’s going to be putting out two new EPs very soon.