Christmas Song(s)
17 December, 2009, 10:31 pm
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Alright, so I’ve thrown together a little “Christmas” mix. This was mainly just for my lovely roommates to express my love and gratitude towards them and to feature a teddy bear in some sort of design project. (Not really on that last part…) I ended up pretty pleased with the way it turned out and decided to share on a broader scale. Anyway, here’s a batch of songs I thought would sound good together, some of them blatantly about this holiday season that is upon us and others require a little bit of deeper digging or just “sound” like winter to me. The oddest choice is probably the opening track. A song that is (holy crap!) now nine years old, but resonates with me even more now than when I first heard it. To me this song sounds like it should be listened to during the winter months and deals with themes that I think are appropriate, or seem to come in focus during the holidays – loneliness, friendship, traffic, work, money (mostly, the lack of it) and figuring out how to really appreciate those closest to you.

“Just lonely, baby–doesn’t mean I’m looking for a friend.
I’ve got plenty, I’m still learning how to lay down my life for them.
Don’t want to find yourself alone at thirty-five,
spending half what you make on your car (and hating that drive).
Just crazy, maybe–doesn’t mean I’m looking for a cure.
I’ve got stability that scares you,
’cause it’s hard to believe when you’re so sure.
No matter how different you are, you’re just like everybody else.
No matter how hard you try and fit in, there is no one like you.
You will find you spend a good deal of your life, sitting at red lights”

A Lull in Traffic by The Gloria Record

Please feel free to share with others. Happy Holidays, all.