Home again, home again…
29 May, 2009, 6:46 am
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The rumors of my return are true. I have made it back home, into the United States of America. I have spent the last three nights kicking jet lag’s ass (more than likely it’s the other way around.) The culture shock has not been as bad as I had anticipated, but I do find myself missing certain aspects of southern French culture. In the meantime, I am busy chilling the eff out. ‘had lunch with some good friends on Wednesday and visited friends at school both Wednesday and Thursday. Today’s agenda includes catching a screening of the new Star Trek movie and then maybe a few “honey do’s.” I am sure I will be sharing more about my trip to France in the coming days… but for now I’m just decompressing a bit.

This is kind of cool, though, and relates to my trip in some way: Last night, Megan and I met her uncle John at Museum of Design Atlanta for an exhibit opening and wine tasting. (No, the wine drinking is not the connection I am making.) The exhibit was called The Graphic Imperative and was a collection of politically and socially aware posters over the past few decades. To my great surprise and delight the exhibit showcased two posters by Alain LeQuernec. ‘don’t know if I mentioned this before but Monsieur LeQuernec is an internationally known poster designer who came to our campus at Lacoste and gave a lecture. In addition, my Type 2 class had the great honor of having our posters critiqued by him. Needless to say, his feedback was very helpful.

More soon, including some recent design work…


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