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14 May, 2009, 4:27 am
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Hello. ‘miss me?

I am swimming in the deep ocean that is the end of an academic quarter at SCAD. Plus there’s that little fact that I am in Lacoste, France and we’re also beginning to put together our campus wide gallery show. Busy is an understatement.

BUT… I wanted to at least show you all some more pictures and briefly tell you about some of the things that happened last week.

We went to an ocre factory on Wednesday. Ocre is where color/pigment/paint comes from. Most of the ocre there was either red or yellow in it’s pure form. We made water colors at the end of our visit. I spent too much money in the gift shop. (But some of that went to presents, so chill…)

We visited the beautiful town of Roussillon. Since it is near the ocre mines and factory most of the brick there was red/orange. Really cool. Great view of the valley. There was a church there.

On Friday, Professor Clifford, Kyle, Lauren and I ran around Avignon all day and only accomplished about half of what we needed to. Note to USA: more Holidays and longer lunch hours like the French have.

We had a Sidewalk Arts Festival in Lacoste on Sunday. My friend Allison and I drew a giant cicada (the French like cicadas… or cigales… well the southerners do… more on this later.) I gave myself a nice blister from rubbing too hard on the pavement.

On Monday, we visited some of the local artists in the town. Evert Lindfors is a older, slightly eccentric/extremely generous gentlemen. We visited his studio, which was stuffed to the gills with stone and terracotta sculpture. He knows how to party and had some great things to say about life and art. Gabriel Sobin invited us to his house which was very zen and completely amazing and featured a wonderful view of the Luberon Valley.

See. Brief.

Marseille tomorrow. Work and more work the rest of the weekend. And the next week. Home soon.


(Photo above: red and yellow (yellow is hard to see) ocre rubbing inside my journal.)


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