chin chin!
20 April, 2009, 11:08 am
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Chin chin!

Chin chin!

Last Friday, the Graphic Design and Monotype Printmaking students (I actually fall under both categories at the moment) took a trip to an old paper mill in Fountain De Vaucluse. A stop at the fountain itself and the city of Isle sur la Sorgue were scheduled as well.

The weather for this trip was PERFECT! We had heard it was supposed to rain, but luckily this was not the case. A good portion of Fountain de Vaucluse was rather touristy but still the surrounding area was GORGEOUS. As we approached the paper mill we all marveled at how clear the water running from the spring was. Who knew seaweed could look so pretty and bright green. Off in the distance you could see huge cliff walls and on top of one rested a castle.

The paper mill itself was pretty interesting but ended up being a hug let down in terms of all the students hopes to buy some good paper for projects. Don’t get me wrong, they had some really great paper, but it was way overpriced (to the point where even our professors advised us not to bother) and a lot of other things they sold were geared more towards tourists looking for a memento than a bunch of poor art students looking for some unique paper and gifts. Of note and of redeeming quality: they did have an old typograph machine and small clam shell letterpress on display.

A field trip with the educational premise of going to a paper mill ended up being a great excuse for some wonderful sightseeing and exploring in the south of France. After our little trek through the mill, we headed up to see the natural spring. Once at the top we were greeted by a large pool of bright greenish-blue water. Furthest from us was a point where the pool rapidly deepens and the bottom has never been determined. Apparently, Jacques Cousteau, himself, has tried and failed. We spent a good amount of time taking it all in before moving on.

Next, we traveled to the city of Isle sur la Sorgue. The waterway that is formed by the spring at Fountain de Vaucluse flows into the city and at one point creates a little island in the middle of the city. Tom and I had a light lunch at a table that was situated on a pedestrian bridge over the waterway. It was pretty spectacular with a nice view to either side of us. Something I know my mom will appreciate: I had tiramisu and it was quite excellent! After our little meal on the water we went and explored the city a bit. We came across and wandered into a gallery featuring works by an artist who took old advertising billboards and banners and used them as element of collage, which she then painted over and inserted phrases that were commentary on consumerism and the current energy crisis, etc. They were amazing works of color and texture and type! The artist spoke English very well and we struck up a conversation with her after telling her that we were American art students. She seemed very enthused to have someone come into the studio and discuss her work with her. With that we concluded our little excursion by meeting up with everyone else and heading back to Lacoste.

After dinner, a few of us headed out for drinks and met some more locals and their friends from the surrounding area.

The weekend kept me busy with school work. But now we’re all getting excited about our trip to Paris on Wednesday. We have a campus-wide meeting tonight about our itinerary while we are in Paris. My Typography 2 professor gave our class a nice little preview of some of the things we will be seeing with him. All kinds of wonderful poster exhibits and trips to design/art bookstores. I predict my wallet may be taking a serious hit. Don’t let my wife see that I just typed that.

New pics here!

Bonsoir for now!

Photo: Yours truly enjoying some vin Rose in Isle sur la Sorgue


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Fantastic! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Comment by George

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