10 April, 2009, 3:53 pm
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I turned thirty-three years of age on Wednesday. My birthday included the following: a trip to some Roman ruins, a delicious croissant and a hollowed out chicken shaped chocolate (with other chocolate pieces hidden inside) from a bakery in a small town on the way to the ruins, a card from my beautiful wife, frustration with the work turned in for a class, a full moon, strawberry lemon flavored beer (actually kind of tasty, believe it or not,) and the new Life and Times record that is quite good.

Here are some pictures from the Roman ruins.

‘hope to update you all soon on my trip to Arles, France that happened today.

My ass is tired. I’m going to bed.


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Love all the pictures! Hand the camera to someone else, I’d like to have a few more of you in front of those amazing sites. ENJOY!

Comment by Lonnie

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