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1 April, 2009, 10:49 am
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‘been a while.

Classes have started and so things have gotten a bit crazier around here. To be honest, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was told back when I applied for this journey that most people only take two classes. I am beginning to understand why. Aside from a shortened version of the usual ten-week quarter, there are frequent equipment malfunctions. It has been quite the pain in the ass finding internet connections. The Mac lab on campus has lost power at least twice within the last 24 hours. (Which sucked for both school work and recreational purposes.) This was after my dorm room and the bathroom/shower area below was without power for most of Monday. While this place is beautiful and breathtaking and an opportunity I’m glad I did not pass on… It is frustrating considering the shortened schedule that I mentioned above. Mind you, the work load seems to reflect even more than a normal ten-week quarter.

Despite the frustrations, I’m pretty stoked about my Typography and Printmaking courses. The Art History course I am taking seems very interesting, but the professor has been a bit of a challenge so far. I appreciate her enthusiasm for the subject… but perhaps she needs to take it down a notch? We took a trip to Gordes today to see the Bores village (little stone huts that up until 150 years ago, people were still living in.) We later visited the church in downtown Gordes, which had a beautiful painted interior and may have possibly given me inspiration for new ink (read: tattoo) sometime down the road. I should mention that at the start of the trip we were separated into two vans and the van I was in was being driven by the printmaking professor, Dale Clifford, who happen to teach at the Atlanta campus and is one of my most favoritest instructors ever. We got separated from the other van (read:lost) but still managed to find our way due to Professor Clifford’s mad driving skills. I should also mention that my wife, Megan, was right in telling me that I should not look at the roads and the way people drive over here, when traveling… I should instead look at the scenery the country has to offer. And scenery it did indeed have! As we were coming from the Bores and into downtown Gordes (which is a fairly large village/city in comparison to Lacoste) the view of the valley and the village descending down the huge hillside was pretty epic. I was so stunned by it that I forgot that I had a camera in my hand to document it. I tried taking some pics as we were leaving, but the view did compare to what I saw before.

The weather has been so erratic. It will be warm and sunny, cold and windy, or chilly and rainy… all within minutes of each other. Needless to say, the climate and altitude continue to have their way with my sinuses. This morning as I woke their were large clouds in the valley that prohibited my view of the valley, yet I could see sky above and the faint forms of the mountains and hills beyond. ‘kind of surreal.

I’m going to keep posting pictures up at my tumblr as much as I can.

Photo: Clouds in the Luberon Valley


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Hey Brett sounds fun and challenging wrapped all into one. I know about the erratic French weather. I was in Paris and it was sunny, (very very flipping umbrellas inside out) windy, rainy, snowing, hailing, and back sunny again within fifteen minutes.

Good luck man, keep taking pictures.

Comment by Joseph Calvo

You are living the dream bro-dogg!

Comment by Travis Groo

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