It’s beautiful because it’s messy.
29 March, 2009, 2:56 pm
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Lots to share today. ‘try to condense it for those with short attention spans (read: myself.)

Yesterday was pretty packed with activities. Woke up, threw some clothes on and barely scarfed down breakfast before boarding a bus to the open air market in Apt. The market in Apt has been happening for over 2000 years and takes place in the very same spot since the first one opened. All kinds of wonderful smells filled the air as we walked around. Fresh fruit, vegetables, all kinds of sausages and meats, lavender, etc. Also ‘found a table with many old comic books in french. ‘saw a Justice League and Superman comic that I thought about purchasing but decided to pass. The market itself was sensory overload, so I didn’t purchase anything there. Fortunately there are return trips scheduled. I was able to pop into a super market and purchase a towel in order to take a shower (remember… no checked in bag,) and some juice and a few snacks to keep in my room.

On our way back to Lacoste, we stopped at The Bridge Julien. The Bridge Julien was/is EPIC. It was built by the Romans over 2000 years ago and up until three years ago was still used for every day traffic. I guess someone finally had the sense to say, “Hey… maybe we should preserve this bad boy and build a newer bridge for road traffic?” So that’s what they did. Our group spent a good 20 minutes or so exploring the bridge and surrounding area.

We headed “home” and had lunch. Shortly after that we were given a walking historical tour of the village of Lacoste by poet Finn MacEoin. He was incredibly funny and knowledgeable and has written a book based on his experience here. He showed us the Chateau of the Marquis De Sade. Also, apparently, Monsieur Pierre Cardin owns several of the buildings here and shares a great deal of the responsibility for the renovation of the town and has put up a statue commemorating the Marquis De Sade. It began to rain and so we quickly concluded the tour but I definitely want to venture up to that part of the village again. The view was of course breathtaking… which is still kind of surreal.

I’ve posted a few pictures from the day on my tumblr

At night the school hosted a special dinner for us at one of the local cafes. The food was decent and the cheeses and deserts were phenomenal! Of course much wine was consumed as well. The staff seemed truly happy to have us at the cafe but I would not be surprised if they were laughing at us at the same time. Several of my classmates noticed the ring on my left hand and began to ask questons…

This is the part where I begin to wax pseudo philosophical. If you are averse to that sort of thing you may want to stop reading now.

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27 March, 2009, 3:24 pm
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I’ve made it to the Savannah College of Art and Design’s campus in Lacoste. However, I am sans check-in baggage (which is carrying most of my clothes, my bath towels, my school supplies and text books, among other things.) Apparently, my bag was never placed on the flight that I caught in Atlanta. I have been informed by Air France that my bag was on the next flight out from Atlanta and that it will be delivered to me here tomorrow. I was then told by the staff at school that “tomorrow” usually means a few days from tomorrow.

The scenery here is gorgeous, but at present it is being slightly trumped by jetlag, mild allergy symptoms and in addition my ears are all out-of-wack since landing in Paris. Oh, one funny thing about Paris, when going through customs the agent at the window kept staring at the Pele button on my hoodie and finally asked me “what is it?” I clumsily explained to him that it was for an American rock and roll band. He just shrugged and smiled and said “I don’t know what that is.” It was more words than I expected to exchange with him. He stamped my passport without me having to ask.

It wasn’t until arriving in Marseilles, that I discovered I was without my check-in bag. That immediately put a damper on my trip. In addition, I was told by AT&T that my cell phone would work and it doesn’t. So there’s me… in a foreign country for the first time and without all of my shit and unable to easily call home. The agent at the lost bags office was actually very kind and spoke English very well. I found myself embarrased at not knowing much French beyond a few phrases, though I doubt I would have been very good at speaking it in that moment if I did. I was somewhat reassured when I showed her the address for the school’s campus and she replied that she was familiar with that address and that they often have missing bags delivered to the campus.

People here have been friendly. Most of the students here are from the Savannah Campus and so I don’t really know anyone. But I’ve been getting along well enough for someone in my situation. I also ran into Professor Clifford, who is from the Atlanta campus and is one of the best instructors I have had. He is teaching the printmaking course that I am taking here.

umm… What else? Oh! I have finally started to read Vonnegut’s Breakfast Of Champions and so far it has been a satisfying read. Possibly because of reading this book, I suddenly got the urge to listen to The Appleseed Cast’s Mare Vitalis. At any rate it pleased my ears to hear it. (This is before the landing in Paris sufficiently trounced any normal hearing capacity.)

Tomorrow we are scheduled to go to the open air markets in Apt. ‘should be fun?

I hope everyone in the nation of Dwayne Hoover and Kilgore Trout is doing well. More soon.

Photo: Terminal at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Aeroport

26 March, 2009, 5:21 pm
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Ok… I’m at the airport in ATL. ‘flight is scheduled to leave in about in hour. Pretty nervousexcitedpumpedfreakedoutreadytoeatcheeseanddrinkwine! Ha! I’ll say this: the international terminal at Hartsfield Jackson is way more posh than the rest of the aero-port.

Leaving Megan was pretty hard. On both of us. I’m forever grateful to her for being so supportive of me going on this trip. I’m going to miss all of you back home… but know that I’m just an email away thanks the technology gods.

Next update should be from a different country. For now I leave you all with a little batch of songs I threw together this morning in honor of my epic journey into the unknown.

Linky-link to the rock.

We’re moving!
12 March, 2009, 11:35 pm
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Tomorrow Megan and I officially begin moving into the house we’ve rented. We were needing more space and Megan’s brother is also going to live with us for a year while he finishes up pharmacy school. We’re stoked.

2 Weeks from now I’ll be in an aeroplane en route to a different country.