There’s movement all over the place!
26 February, 2009, 8:22 am
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HO – LEE SHIT! One more month before I depart for Lacoste, France for Spring quarter. No, I still have not been able to learn a good chunk of the language… It is the final two weeks and some change for Winter quarter, so I’m pretty busy with writing papers and doing sketches and mock ups for final projects. Lame excuse, I know. But I should be all paid up for tuition and the trip. All of my classes have been confirmed, especially the printmaking class I really wanted to take, which… as a bonus… is being taught by one of my favorite professors at school.

ANNNDD… Megan and I will be moving as soon as I am finished with Winter quarter! We found a house to rent! We were starting to grow out of our current space, plus her younger brother will be living with us while he does his last year of rotations for pharmacy school. Yay no more apartment complex living!


So, we hope to get settled before I leave. Or at least all moved in for the most part. Luckily the place is pretty close to where we are now and we don’t have to move everything all on one day.

On a final note, I’ve really been enjoying new albums by From Monument To Masses and The Appleseed Cast.


unused work 02.11.09
11 February, 2009, 10:13 am
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Here’s a few things that I’ve worked on recently that never really left the launchpad.


Trail of Dead poster
A while back I had the opportunity to submit some poster designs to the band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. The initial feedback I received was very positive, but ultimately the band decided to pass. What you see above is the band management’s and my favorite. Those are scans of actual tire tracks I made using a toy car you see in the poster. (Click here to see a larger version.)


Groo Conglomerate International, Inc.
I recently designed some business cards for my good friend Travis. He decided on a different design, but I love the little icon/illustration in this concept. It was sort of an homage to his homage to the band Frodus.

5 February, 2009, 9:41 am
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So the trip this spring becomes slightly more official. I received my flight itinerary this week, which includes a two hour layover at the airport in Paris before continuing on to Marseilles.

This week is midterms for Winter Quarter at school. It’s hard to believe that this quarter is already half over and before I know it I’ll be trying to pack for two months of my life in a completely foreign environment. I’m looking forward to it, though… hoping it will recharge my batteries creatively and otherwise.

In the music department I have fallen in love with the band Collections of Colonies of Bees all over again. I listened to their twelve-and-a-half minute piece, “Six Guitars,” repeatedly while studying for my toughest midterm yesterday. I also discovered an excellent remix of the their song “Flocks I” by the band Pluramon on the ‘Bees Myspace page.

That’s all for now. One month and three weeks, folks!