various thoughts on music (or “got my rock pants on”)
8 January, 2009, 10:22 am
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Krautrock/Motorik – Stay with me on this one for a bit. Recently I’ve been enjoying the sounds of the very excellent Maserati. Their drummer, Jerry Fuchs, used to play in the incredible Turing Machine. TM have a very obvious krautrock/motorik influence. In fact because of Fuchs, I think Maserati has begun to have some of that influence as well. Anyway, after continually rocking the Mas’ and the Machine, It’s gotten me in the mood for some Neu! and Can, as well as inspired me to further explore the genre. Harmonia and Manuel Gottsching, anyone?

National Skyline – Most people who know me know that I love 90’s indie rock, particularly that which has roots in Chicago. From the ashes of great bands Castor and Hum came National Skyline. After 3 great releases, Jeff Garber worked on various projects including the way under-developed Joy Circuit. Anyway, after a few false starts, National Skyline is set to return with a new full length that, according to Garber, has a bit of a Castor sound to it – due in part to ex-Castor bass player, Derek Neidringhaus, appearing on the record. New single “Revenge” can be heard here.

The part where I play “Crotchety Old Man” – Disagreeing with something posted to Pitchfork is definitely nothing new. For some reason though, I found myself taking particular offense to a few comments in their review of the latest Don Caballero record. (Which, to their credit, I at least agree that it is the band’s least inspired effort.)

Statement-of-offense #1: “Math-rock was definitively obsolete, and Don Cab could neither escape it nor rejuvenate it.”

I really tire of thoughts like ” this particular style of music isn’t cool anymore” or “that band’s sound is so 2005.” As if to say that if a record wasn’t by one if the current flavors of the month – it no longer mattered. I also take issue with their proclamation that “math-rock” can’t go any where. Don’t worry though… ten years from now some band will come along that is basically a re-tread of Don Cab and their “ilk” and P-fork will hail the Nu-Math revival as the new “it” sound.

Statement-of-offense #2: “But for the most part, this is an instrumental rock album, and diehard fans of the genre– people who read gear magazines and have a high regard for technically proficient pastiche– will find plenty to enjoy.”

Wow Pitchfork! Thanks for stereotyping me and pin-pointing exactly what is it I like about “Instrumental Rock.” WRONG! Oh and God forbid I actually LIKE MUSIC and give a crap about the equipment that goes into the making of music. Not to mention, care about any sort of “proficiency” in being able to actually perform music. Never mind that there are “instrumental rock” albums that aren’t highly technical affairs mapped out by a bunch of obsessed gearheads. Personally, I enjoy certain music because it sounds good to me.

But I digress… I’m just a diehard fan of the music that resonated with me at one point and refused to abandon it because it wasn’t cool anymore.


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Brett, the only problem here is that you’re still reading Pitchfork. 😉

Comment by Jessica

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