3 mois pour le départ / welcome to my blog
26 December, 2008, 1:23 pm
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First “offical” post.

Welcome to my blog. As so eloquently stated in the “about” page, this… in the long term… will be my “design” blog. It will occasionally be used for other things.

One of those occasional things will be my upcoming trip to France. I am currently a student at the Savannah College or Art and Design, attending their Atlanta campus. I have been accepted to study abroad at the school’s campus in Lacoste, France for the Spring Quarter of 2009. Today marks three months until departure for Lacoste. Even though the trip is three months away, Megan(my wife) and I have begun preparing for me to take this epic journey. Read on if you’d like to join me in obsessing over some of these small details.

About two weeks ago… After applying for a US passport (which surprisingly came only 2 weeks after said application), filling out the proper forms with school, writing an essay about why I should get to go on this trip, and soliciting essays about why some schmuck like me should be able to go from professors… I was notified that I was accepted for the study program in Lacoste. Since then I have been meeting with several advisers at school to figure out exactly what classes I will be taking (If all goes well: Typography 2 – which those of you design buddies who know me well should know, makes me very happy; Art History – Treasures of Provence; Monotype Printmaking – which If I can get the waiver signed and take the class, would be able to count as a Graphic Design Elective for me.)

This last week our friend Laura loaned me a few books on France. I hope to actually learn to speak a bit of the language for the trip. I recall maybe one or two phrases from the bit of French I was taught as a wee lad in the fifth grade. It’d be nice to actually engage in some small talk with the locals.

Yesterday being Christmas, my wonderful wife surprised me with a very “2-months-in-France” appropriate gift. She got me this awesome 3-in1 mega-suitcase thing. It’s a suitcase, duffel bag and backpack all at the same time. I’m probably making a bigger deal out of it than necessary, but there are two things to keep in mind. 1. I’m a huge nerd. 2. This has made me even more excited for the trip and makes it seem like that much more of a reality that I get to go.

merry christmas to me!

A huge shout out to my folks as well… who, in addition to a bit scholarship money, are enabling me to embark on this trip.

Feel free to comment or say hello. It’d be nice to know if anyone out there is actually reading this thing.


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Comment by Matt

hey. i am reading this thing. would you like some french books?

Comment by bellee

Do you have any that have any sort of pronunciation guides? I am contemplating finding a good audio book,maybe.

Comment by brettandrewmiotti

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